Unbeatable Service, Unbeatable Price

Rose Automotive is a family run, friendly and professional company dedicated to providing you unbeatable service with an unbeatable price. We have two locations, one in Janabiya on the Janabiya Highway, just past the Camel Farm, and one on Avenue 4 in Salmabad, just off the Mosque Roundabout.
  • Janabiya


    Located on the Janabiya Highway, between the Camal Farm and the junction of Road 35 to Saar, we are in easy reach of most of Western Bahrain.

  • Customer Recommendations

    "I've been using this garage for 5 years, nothing but execptional service, great prices and honesty. For any car over 5 years old, I wouldn't go anywhere else." - Myles O'Connor.location.html

Auto Repair

Can handle all of your auto
repair services including:

- Complex Electrical Repair - Air Conditioning- Drivability Problems- Servicing- Oil Changes- Tyres- Brake repair Spare Parts >

Our Hours:

Open 7 Days a Week

Saturday - Thursday: 7:30am - 7:30pm
Friday: 7:30am - Noon
Pick up available